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Paris Attractions & Sightseeing - Sightseeing in France means seeing some of the most famous architecture and landmarks in the world Paris attractions include the most recognized tower in the world and the Notre Dame Cathedral, a Paris attraction used as background in many movies filmed in Paris. Other Paris sightseeing possibilities include the historical and scary catacombs, once a quarry-now filled with the bones of over two thousand souls uprooted from their resting places when filth and disease from over crowded cemeteries threatened the health of the city. And most people will have the Mona Lisa on their list so a visit to the Louvre Museum is another thing to do in Paris. So go on make out a list of what you want to see but be sure to look at the Sections of this Guide on Tours and Museums as well.

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1) Cathédrale de Notre-Dame
Hours - Cathedral open year-round every day from 8am-6:45pm and admission is free. For the Towers and crypt the hours are slightly shorter and there is a charge of about 7 euro for adults with lesser rates for children.
Telephone 01-42-34-56-10
Next to the Eiffel Tower itself, this is the most visited attraction in Paris, this wonderful and impressive Cathedral, Built between 1160 and 1350, this cathedral is on the site of an old Roman temple. The interior of the Church holds as many as 6000 people and is the venue of some of France’s most historic gatherings - the celebration of the end of World War II, the visit of Pope John Paul II and so on. The main doors are stunning and the flying butresses with the ghoulish figures are a favorite of children. The more adventurous will want to climb up the 387 steps to the North Tower.

2) Tour Eiffel
Hours Sept-May daily 9:30am-11pm; June-Aug daily 9am-midnight. Fall and winter, stairs open only to 6:30pm
Telephone 01-44-11-23-23
Admission to first landing ($4.25), second landing ($8.05), third landing ($12); stairs to second floor ($3.70)
The most recognized structure on the planet, it is a favourite of visitors to Paris and you just have to visit this site. In the evening watch for the wonderful lights which come on for several minutes on the hour. From its upper floors the view over Paris is breathtaking. Visiting in December or January? Make sure to go ice skating on the First Floor - but be sure to bring ID like a passport to avail of free skates. The entrance cost varies from about 5 euro to 12 euro depending on how high you want to venture.

3) Arc de Triomphe
Hours Apr-September every day from 10am-11pm; Oct-March every day 10am-10:30pm
Telephone 01-55-37-73-77
Admission ($8 to $10 US dollars) adults, ($5 - 7) ages 18-25, free for 17 and under.
Napoleon had the arch built in 1806 to commemorate the victories of his Grand Armée but it took a long time to build and wasn’t finished until 1836 by which time Louis-Philippe was reigning. Four years later, Napoleon's body went through the Arch to his resting place at Hotel des Invalides. Ever since then the L’Arc de Triomphe is the starting point for State Funerals.

4) Hôtel des Invalides/Napoleon's Tomb
Hours from 10 am to 5pm from October to march every day with slightly longer hours during the rest of the year.
Telephone 01-44-42-37-72
Admission is about $10 for adults
This is the site of Napolean’s last resting plafce. There is also a magnificent military museum here.

5) Cimetière du Père-Lachaise
Hours of admission are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm with slightly shorter hours at the weekend.
Telephone 01-55-25-82-10
Free admission to this amazing Cemetery - this is where 1 million people are buried but it also holds the tombs of some of the world’s greatest such as Sarah Bernhardt, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Moliere and Oscar Wilde, these are just a few. The cemetery covers 109 acres.

6) Les Catacombes
Hours of admission Tuesday to Sunday from 2 to 4pm
Telephone 01-43-22-47-63
Admission is around $7 with reductions for children and seniors. 50,000 visitors yearly come to explore this rather unusual sightseeing attraction. There is 2,985 feet of undergroun tunnels in these catacombs and you can look at 6 million artfully arranged skull-and-crossbones skeletons. It was first opened to the public in 1810. Later many bodies were transferred here because of overcrowding in other Paris cemeteries. Now it’s a tourist attraction with special lighting lining the tunnels.

7) Musée Picasso
Hours of opening are from daily except Tuesday from 9.30am to 6pm and 5.30 pm in Winter
5 rue de Thorigny.
Métro Stations: St-Paul, Filles du Calvaire, or Chemin Vert
Telephone 01-42-71-25-21
Admission charge is about $8 and again reductions for children and senior.
Many of Picasso's beauties are here, as well as most of his belongings, including his African carved Mask collection. Although Spanish, Picasso spent much of his life in Paris. As well as many of his own works arranged in chronological order, this Museum also has paintings of other famous contemporaries (Cezanne, Degas, etc) from his own collection.

8) Galeries Lafayette
Visit one of these department stores, the flagship of Paris retailing with one of the largest stores being at 40 Boulevard Haussmann (Chaussee d’Antin-La Fayette. This store handles Duty Free purchasing and Tourist Tax Refunds, has a Welcome Desk with interpreters and restaurants.